The Sliding Scale of Anxiety.

Anxiety affects us all in varying degrees from mild forms to severe attacks and it is relentless as it can come on at any time no matter where you are or what you are doing. This can lead to Panic Attacks and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) Most often this can just start on waking up and lying in bed, the feeling of dread can be overwhelming to say the least.

But What Is My Anxiety.

A few things can cause anxiety. but anxiety is and always will be just the symptom and not the cause. Most people deal with the symptom and not the cause and so they never really get better. Start to notice the cause of anxiety.
Anxiety is really no more than you thinking of a future event that you have no idea how it will turn out and this leads your mind to create negative scenarios that only make you feel anxious.
Let’s face it, you can have a panic attack lying in bed, Why? because your mind is overactive with negative imagination and the WRONG information. This all leads to anxiety.

What To Do?

It’s hard to switch off and no one said you should, but rather use the power your fertile imagination gives you to help you get well and recognise that you can start to deal with the cause and not the symptom. It can feel, to begin with, that you start to change because you have been hardwired from birth to think and feel anxious. Most people’s anxiety is 50% of somebody else’s and so in a split second, you can halve your anxiety. Now to get rid of another 25% of your anxiety is too realise that you are the experiencer of the anxiety and NOT the anxiety itself. So now you are down to 25%.
Halve this again to 12.5% by noticing that you are responding in a set way or pattern of behaviour and if you change, this you will reduce the feelings that you once associated with anxiety. It is your choice how you respond with your thinking. You are in control.
Now that you are down to 12.5% – how easy is this to deal with on your own now?

Master Your Thoughts.

Mastering the mind is one of the hardest things you can do, but you can treat it the same way as you would with keeping yourself clean. Do things that help clean your mind and your thoughts, just as you wash, you get dirty again and then you have to bathe again, all your life this happens. Your mind and thoughts are no different. Run a mental antivirus programme in your head by not letting your negative thoughts dictate how you should feel, in other words, don’t let people steal your happiness. Don’t download their problems.

What To Do Now.

Change by doing subtle things, walking, playing music, singing, feel lighter, stop gossiping, swearing, moaning, and judging others.
Do what your heart feels it wants to do, you don’t have to pack in your job, but to add balance in your life, earning money can be as enjoyable as spending it… Notice and write down, if your life is in balance. Look at the tyres on a car, for the car to run smoothly on the road all the tyres are all inflated to the right pressure. We have all had one flat tyre and the car drives uneven even though the other 3 are at the right pressure, In other words, negative thinking will unbalance your whole day and life if you’re not careful.

8 Top Tips From Nexus Hypnotherapy.

#1 Meditate.
#2 Beat a drum.
#3 Sing.
#4 Dance.
#5 Only speak kindly.
#6 Stop judging.
#7 Learn to love again.

Can Nexus Hypnotherapy Help Me?

At Nexus Hypnotherapy, The Nexus Team will do his utmost to help you. As we are all different if some trauma is so deep that you might need a different approach. Nexus deals in many forms of therapy that can help you and you have to decide which form you wish to take or receive. Just as in life, we get stubborn stains and your emotions can be stubborn too. But The Nexus Team has a wealth of knowledge and contacts that he can engage to help you. All that said, if you never want to get rid of our negativity – then it’s yours to keep for as long as you want it.

Trouble Shooting.

If you have done these and tried your very best to stop your anxiety and it’s not working then feel free to contact me to get professional help from Nexus Hypnotherapy. The Nexus Team has been helping people since 2004 with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Confidence Building, whether adults, TV personalities, CEO’s and even children. No one is immune from the negative feelings that life deals us all.
But help is here if you are ready to receive it. contact me at Nexus Hypnotherapy or email me at

We also use Reiki and Access Bar as well as many other methods, including hypnotherapy. Available in Walsall West Midlands. If you do want to know more, then just contact me.

Nexus Hypnotherapy Helping You.

Nexus hypnotherapy can help you get rid of any old unwanted emotional problems. This can be achieved by introducing many different techniques as well as using hypnosis. Many of my previous client’s are better in one session. This is down to how I use all the combinations I have learned, particularly my own wisdom and the magic of change just happens. You too can experience this for yourself if you are willing to experience my style of healing…

Change Of Direction.

Nexus Hypnotherapy is forever evolving, this means that I have started to introduce a small element of Shamanic Healing into the sessions. What does this mean at this time? This is the instruction of different sounds to invoke your healing from using drumming sounds, rattles and so on. The sound is used to heal you at a deep level and with the words I use in your hypnotic trance, it will help heal you in a profound way. All of this is none invasive, but it helps to get down to a deeper level of you! This is where the changes take place.

Some But Not All.

Change can happen at a rapid pace. The length of time you wish to see a therapist is down to you, some but not all therapists can hold you back by saying that they need to see you time after time. At Nexus Hypnotherapy we possibly only see you once and a followup if you feel you need it. Why Ony Once? This is because of how I am using and integrating my learnings to help you in a simple and effective way. Once you get this in the session as my previous clients have done, then your problem disappears.

Nexus Hypnotherapy With A Difference.

If you are looking for a traditional hypnotherapist, then there are plenty out there and this style works. But for me, I have always been different, I don’t follow the crowd so to speak. If this type of thinking is resonating with you, by how I am wanting to put this across to you in this short blog, then you know where I am coming from.


Life has many dimensions, just as we feel different emotions, smell many different fragrances and how there are many flavours of food and drink. So my method of bringing different dimensions or flavours to your session is needed as we are all different. So if you are after normal then please don’t come here because we are different.

You And YOU…

You are in a constant state of flux, by this I mean that there are many ‘yous’. (U’s) The hugely you is different to the full and satisfied you. The You waking up is different from The You going to bed at night. When people see me they are very different to the person that came into the one that leaves. This is because there are many YOUS or dimension of who you are. Without going too deep into this, I hope you understand what I mean about the YOUS and how I help you bring out a different YOU.

All This Said!

All this said I can only help you if you are willing to change and to accept the change with an open heart and mind, also to release and let go of your negative past. If all of this is aligning to your spirit and you know there is a whole new you wanting to emerge then let me help you find you. Just as a butterfly can emerge from the chrysalis, and not know how to fly, but trusts in the process and as she lets go, she is free to float in the beautiful dance of life.

Contacting Me.

Contacting The Nexus Team at Nexus Hypnotherapy couldn’t be easier in Walsall, Lichfield, Cannock and the surrounding areas. You can email me at: or phone 01922302065 or contact me here via website form.
I offer a free phone call consultation and then it is up to you if you would like to use my unique style of helping you. Until then, use your mind wisely.