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Anxiety From Your Desires.

We Have Free Will. We have free choice or what you may call free will in life, however, we are not free from the consequences of the choice that we make. So why does this happen? Basically, it is our choice of desire, when we desire, as free will, we can desire anything, but that […]


Naughty kids suffer anxiety from bad parenting in Walsall.

Kid’s Fears & Anxiety. The Power Of Consciousness. The power of consciousness or the idea that you can create conscious thoughts to change the world around you would seem impossible. However, we do have the power of consciousness that can influence matter. Mouldy Rice. I’ve conducted an experiment, I have cooked rice then transferred this […]

Reduce Your Anxiety With The Right Priorities

Life is a Matter of Priorities. Circumstances Will Dictate We may set priorities in our life but circumstances will dictate otherwise. What do I mean? Say if you are driving your car to a very important meeting, ‘this is your main priority’ you have to get there as a lot depends on this. Then you […]

Anxiety Tip by The Nexus Team

The Treatment TO Help Anxiety. There are many methods on how to treat anxiety and each one will work, but not one single treatment will work for everyone. Let’s face it, we are all different, it only seems to be the medical profession that has the ideology that one pill fits all patients. There are […]


Angry Women Are Getting Worse…

Angry Women Are Getting Worse. Angry Women. Angry women are no longer able to keep their patience due to how the anger epidemic seems to be sweeping the nation. The pressures and strains on women are worse than ever before, although you don’t need me to tell you this. Men have always shown anger, but […]


Anxiety Is Driving Kids Mad

Anxiety Is Driving Kids Mad! Back To School. Children have been back at school a few weeks since writing this blog however, this has been happening all across the country and indeed all over the world, kids going back to school after their holidays or long break. Their anxiety kicks in and ruins the last […]


My Therapy Is Getting Faster

My Therapy Is Getting Faster… Fast, Effective, Therapy! Therapy is always progressing, with new or improved techniques coming out, as with life everything changes and therapy is the same. However, not all therapists are the same, by wanting to keep up to day with the latest techniques. This blog is about not having long drawn […]


Therapy Is Fun!

Therapy Is Fun! By The Nexus Team Anxiety Hypnosis Therapy Is Fun! …Or Is It?… Whether you come from Walsall, Birmingham, or any other part of the country, when you have a problem such as: Anxiety. Depression, Guilt, Fear. OCD. Hurt. Anger. Trauma. Phobic. And so on… you can look very miserable because you carry […]

The Level Of Consciousness Beating Your Problems

Nexus Hypnotherapy Explains The Level Of Consciousness. By The Nexus Team. The Level Of Consciousness The level of consciousness is calibrated at 1 to 1000, although it can go higher logarithmically. Although for human beings it is set from 1 to 1000. What Does This Mean For You… Depending on where you are in your […]


Sleeping Rough In Walsall…

Sleeping Rough in Any Place. Sleeping rough in any place can be a nightmare, but this post from Anxiety Hypnosis is more about how bad your sleep is? So the next morning you feel rough because of the lack of sleep. No one really knows why we have to sleep as the body is still […]