Beating those stressful times

Active thinking  with Anxiety Hypnosis by The Nexus TeamIt’s not always to do with what you thought…

Having an anxious moment in your day-to-day life can be bad enough, but it may not be the cause of your anxiety or stress…

Do you get anxious most of the time that leads to stress and feeling angry?

Well here’s a tip to help you combat these feelings all the time no matter what’s going on around you.

Think of it like this; see if you can implement this into your new way of thinking because if you’re always going to react in the same way, you’ll always get the same result.

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure…

Imagine the 4 wheels on a car, on the wheels you have 4 tyres and they need to be inflated to their optimum pressure. Too little pressure and the tyre will wear down and the car will drive unevenly or pull over to one side when you brake.

Over inflate the tyres with too much pressure and you create another problem. This is the same as people at work or in a relationship either not pulling their weight or the person getting over stressed with too much to do!

So whatever you’re doing, check to notice if the pressure in your mental thinking is at the optimum pressure to function at your best. Because if you have a problem at work and think it’s to do with work, when in actual fact it was an incident going to work that caused it.

Check list tips:

1) How is my relationship, have you kissed each other and done your own thing knowing that you left each other feeling happy.
2) Do you slack at work or do you know that you can work better as this will lead to a promotion or do you get away with the bare minimum.
3) How well do you take care of yourself, whether this is eating right or having the right hobby or activity to do? Maybe you need something to break the monotony of every day to day grind and help make you feel part of something. Or the reverse is that you are out too much and it’s impacting on the relationship.
4) Last but not least, what is yourself talking like? Is it positive and a self fulfilling prophecy of accomplishing tasks. Or one that is on a self destructive pattern of bad behaviour and constantly whines…

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So I hope this helps and you’ll have 4 mental tyres inflated just right, give it ago and let me know how you get on.

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Thanks in advance The Nexus Team, Anxiety Hypnosis.