Insomnia sending you MAD!

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Is insomnia sending you MAD?


Anxiety Hypnosis by The Nexus Team helping Insomniacs

Matchsticks keeping your eyes open today?

People suffering from lack of sleep can and does have a major effect on that person’s wellbeing and health. Any form of not going to sleep at the right time will continue to have a negative spiraling effect.

If you have insomnia then you don’t need me to tell you what you’re going through. As you know this can be down to an over active anxious mind that finds it hard to switch off. Or a mind that is always searching for something in your life. It has been done for many years and the mind finds it easy to think in a negative way.

Dead at the wheel.

Think like this for a moment ,the part of the mind and body will go to sleep and it is a very selfish part of you that has no control over stopping it. If your mind wants to sleep it will and it doesn’t matter or care what you are doing. How many people drop off to sleep at the wheel while driving, there are many signs on the motorways to tell drivers to pull over and take a break.

Trick of the light…

Generally people watch TV or get onto their computer whilst in bed and this is the wrong thing to do if you’re an insomniac. There is a blue light on a computer screen and this light is similar to a morning blue light as we see in the real world. If you’re staring at your computer when you have to sleep, then your brain is being tricked in thinking that its morning. You know it’s time to sleep and of course it’s dark out, however the brain says its morning and this releases chemicals to the body to be active by staying awake.

Sleeping tips.

1) Avoid watching TV and looking at computers, mobiles at least 2 hours or more before bedtime.
2) Avoid any sleep in the day no matter how quick that nap is.
3) Create by preparing to a deep slumber of sleep with clean fresh bedding.
4) Take a warm bath with essential oils such as lavender.
5) Create a bedroom that only is set up for relaxing sleep and is a tranquil space.
6) Make sure your mind is settled and don’t go to bed worrying as this doesn’t achieve anything.
7) 400 and start to count down very slowly and see the numbers disappear before you say the next one in your head.
8) While relaxing you can imagine saying to each body part to go to sleep, (night-night feet and go to sleep and do this thought is a soft and gentle way that is like a gentle lullaby and with any luck before you get much further you’ll be well on your way to the land of nod…
9) Try not to toss and turn and to keep still, the more still you are will induce a sleep habit, keep still for at least 15 mins and resist the urge to move and as that passes you’ll be well on your way to sleep.
10) Last but not least, check that if you’re on medication this is not interfering with your sleep. Also be mindful of what you have eaten or the lateness you eat, notice if types of food or drink have a negative effect on your sleeping.

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