What’s wrong with anxiety?


Anxiety is a primitive emotion that is there to protect us in times of dire straits in our distant past. You can only imagine how as hunter gatherers we were more connected to our natural environment and with the wild animals that could easily kill us whether large or small. Even today living in our relative sterile world we still see people who freak out at the close buzzing of a wasp or a house spider on the living room wall or the proverbial person who jumps on a stool in order to avoid a mouse. Although this is a quick overview, you can see why the anxiety is or was necessary in the past as we had to rely solely on our emotions, and that cannot be a bad thing, …can it?

Eaten alive…

In pre history you can imagine going on a hunt and your anxiousness would serve to protect you in case you’re eaten alive. In today’s world we don’t have the same environment. Image nipping down to the local shops, we really don’t have to be concerned about a lion going to eat us. But we don’t have the same emotions as a primitive pre historic man. However we still have the emotions and we have forgotten why.

It’s like an over protecting parent…

The next time you go out remember that your anxiety is there to protect you. Unfortunately its gotten a little over protected and will place the anxious feeling on to anything in the modern world. If you can imagine it, then you can have an anxiety attack over that thought, even before it’s become a real event!