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You may be here because ‘you want help for yourself’ or you may be ‘doing a little research‘ into hypnotherapy treatments on behalf of a friend or loved one.

Either way, the biggest question you’re asking yourself is “Can Nexus Hypnotherapy solve the problem?” – the problem that has brought you here. Be reassured – the answer is ‘YES

Some of our popular Hypnotherapy Treatments

hypnotherapy for anxiety London and Walsall by Nexus Hypnotherapy


Overcome your anxiety issues through professional Hypnotherapy treatment

Hypnotherapy for childrens issues in London and Walsall

Children’s Issues

Deal with children’s issues through DBS checked and approved Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking once and for all. Get your life back with Nexus Hypnotherapy


Gain the confidence your life needs both now and in the future with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy sports performance specialist London and Walsall

Sports Performance

Improve and take your sports performance to the next level with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Specialist hypnotherapy for couples and relationship issues in London and Walsall

Relationship Issues

Overcome and resolve relationship issues with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Move towards a more restful, peaceful and nourishing sleep with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Phobia treatment with hypnotherapy Walsall and London

Phobias & Fears

Don’t let phobias and fears rule your life any longer move forward with Nexus Hypnotherapy

lose weight hypnotherapist in London and Walsall

Weight Loss

Lose weight and get the body your want with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety by Nexus Hypnotherapy

Performance Anxiety

Don’t be held back with anxiety any longer with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy sessions for depression in London and Walsall


Move beyond depression and find freedom with Nexus Hypnotherapy

Personal hypnotherapy treatment unique issues

Personalised Therapy

Get a personalised therapy bespoke to you and your personal needs with Nexus Hypnotherapy

…and Many More Issues Can Be Treated with Nexus Hypnotherapy

The team at Nexus Hypnotherapy also treat addictions, self esteem and many more issues beyond those listed on this page.

To find out more get in touch.

What do our clients say?

Nexus Hypnotherapy Harley Street London and Walsall


The Nexus Team (of Nexus Hypnotherapy) helped me overcome my fear. I am now able to climb ladders and clean my bedroom windows. Thank you The Nexus Team for changing my life!


I was terrified of having to speak in meetings at work in my job, but after seeing The Nexus Team I (now have) the skills (and)… was able to speak.

I came top on a group meeting… Many thanks The Nexus Team


After I first saw The Nexus Team, he took a total different approach to diets: I work long hours away from home, so I don’t go to the gym or exercise. But I am now happy to report I have now lost 3 stone and I have never felt so good. Cheers The Nexus Team


I have been considering quitting smoking for.. years and attempted to use patches but always failed. I felt hypnotherapy would be the same, but I am glad to say I was wrong. Yes, the temptation has been there but it now seems wrong to smoke a cigarette… not only do I feel better but the thought and smell of cigarettes now is something I no longer crave.


I was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day, but with The Nexus Team’s intervention, guidance and help, I feel much better… I can drink sensibly now. Thank you so much for giving me back my life.


After only two sessions my son is now able to go out and enjoy himself. He is no longer worried or anxious and he is growing in confidence. He has even been out when it was bad thunder and lightening.

Hypnotherapy Walsall


Nexus Hypnotherapy TEAM

Specialists in Weight loss, Stop Smoking,

Anxiety, Children’s Issues, Confidence,

Sports Performance, Relationship Issues, Addictions, Phobias,

Fears, Depression, Insomnia, Sleep Issues, Anger, and more…

…Specialist Personalised Therapy for your unique requirements

Nexus Hynotherapy Peace of Mind Guarantee
100% Personalised Therapy and Support

Our clients have come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds

here are some of the employers they have worked for…


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