This is Traditional Japanese Reiki


Reiki healing is a form of healing the mind via energy that flows through the practitioner and is delivered to the client. It is non invasive and very relaxing.

What can Reiki treat?

  • Bring down stress.
  • Helps to improve overall sleep.
  • Quiet a busy mind.
  • Awareness of feeling peace.
  • Greater sense of calmness in a busy environment.
  • Assistance by helping you towards relaxation.
  • Assist you in emotional healing.
  • Reinforcement of healthy mind and body.
  • Better response by peaceful response towards traumatic events.
  • Support emotional well-being.
  • Feeling improvement of being positive.
  • Feel happier in everyday life.
In general, Reiki naturally supports your overwhelming desire to get well and feel calm in a modern busy life style that is happening to you.

Reiki is a Japanese natural therapy, which means ‘soul energy’, commonly described as ‘universal life energy’ in the western world. Eastern systems of medicine have understood for thousands of years that we live in a world of energy, which flows through all life. The balanced flow of energy within a person is considered to be the foundation of health and wellbeing. Reiki therapy offers a unique therapeutic approach channelling this life energy through the practitioner to the receiver to support them. Reiki therapy works on every level of a person’s being, it is a practice of healing and individual development of both body and mind. Reiki is believed to work by stimulating the clearance of both stagnation and disruptions to energy flow, as well as supporting the effective function of the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote balance, and has historically been used in Japan for a wide range of issues. Reiki is completely safe and commonly encourages a sense of relaxation, emotional wellbeing, as well as helping people with more challenging issues. We find that over a course of regular treatments many people migrate towards a greater sense of peace within themselves. Deeper study of Reiki offers greater individual personal development, which can have profoundly positive effects to a person’s life. We have experience using Reiki with children as well as adults (contact us for more information).

This is what Sue had so say about her experience about receiving Jikiden Reiki

The cost is £40 for a 1 hour session.
Book for 6 sessions and receive 1 treatment for free.