What Is An Addiction?

We pretty much know when addiction is mentioned that we are talking about hard drugs and alcohol, on a lesser note about pornography or smoking. So is an addiction just a way of repetition, as we are brought up on repetition. In other words to constantly do the same things over and over again. And so would going to work every day for 50 years be classed as an addiction. If addiction is defined as we have a behaviour that we can not control and we have to act the addiction out because we find support in that, then surely going to work to a place that we don’t want to be in, then that must be an addiction. Going to school every day and many children being forced to be separated from parents is a trauma, but we have to bend to the will and be conditioned which could be the spark that leads us into addictive personality and then feels that we have no control…


Is the addition an escape to all the suppression that was built into us at that young age, but because of the conditioning of our young fertile minds had no other way, it must believe that this is the only way to act. This unconscious action then makes us feel that we have no control and so the addict will say that is an addict and have little control over any recovery.

In Remission.

When we talk of remission it is through the problem, illness has gone or lying dormant within us, but could fire up at any moment and so we must be on our guard. A recovering alcoholic must not be around temptation because that might start to drink, which is depicted in many comedy sketches on TV, and we all know whats going to happen…
This is because the addict has relinquished mental control of themselves and it is easier to blame the addiction than it is to take back control.
But of course, it is not just about stopping because of it may be a whole lifestyle change and if we cannot move out away from that old style of living, then the addiction tends to continue.

Diet Can Be A Major Player?

Your diet can be a major player in what we became addicted towards because of the lack of certain minerals and vitamins will make the mind-less coherent and will lead to substances that can have a negative impact on our lives.
Just as you can have a fancy for certain foods, this is because you are laking something in your diet and your mind gravitates towards this processed food in the hope that you will get fed by it, and that is rarely the case. Diet health and wellbeing is a complex issue especially if it is not in sync with you.

9 Top Tips.

# 1 Notice what triggers your addictive behaviour
# 2 Take a look at your diet, such as minerals and vitamins. seek help from a dietitian.
# 3 Find a positive replacement for your addictive behaviour, e.g. sport etc…
# 4 Has the addiction created you or have you created the addiction?
# 5 An addictive behaviour can be the start of telling you it’s time to move on.
# 6 Start to master your thoughts with mindfulness or meditation.
# 7 Are you being distracted by the addiction. Are you scared of your own thought?
# 8 Stop repeating negative thought and behaviours by learning to create new ones.
# 9 The only thing that you are addicted to is Oxygen, remember that.

Nexus Hypnotherapy.

At Nexus Hypnotherapy we understand that the process of change is not always as straightforward as one would like. That is why we are here to help you through the process, whether Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Gaming or help to Quit Smoking.
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Anxiety Hypnosis Welcoming Kids to Drink Alcohol.

Let you kids drink.

Letting your child drink alcohol isn’t a bad thing. If you let kids drink at a young age, the chances are that they will have the knowledge that drinking is okay. Also that alcohol has never been off limits and so it doesn’t hold so much attraction compared to someone who has never drank.

I’m 18 now and you can’t stop me…

I’m sure as parents we have all heard this from an 18 year old and it’s true in their eyes. (But not in ours).

So today is the day they are 18 and off to the pub, probably like you. How do you think now that they are being allowed into the pub or club, they going to act?


Be mindful of allowing your kids to drink and dispel the myths and attraction of alcohol. Remember anything off limits holds our interest with fascination, as this leads to a deep desire to try something we are not allowed. …’The forbidden fruit’ so to speak. And that happened at the beginning of time and we are still acting the same way.

So everything in moderation and let your child enjoy themselves, this will lead to a more respectful and well rounded individual and you know that you have took away that interest of alcohol. Also you have possibly saved their life by not having to wait to be in their 30’s to realise that they don’t need to binge drink.

What to do next.

If you have a drink problem that needs attention and feel that Anxiety Hypnosis could help you and you are in the Birmingham area. Then I practice from Walsall & Pelsall. Contact me at Anxiety Hypnosis.

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