This is a report out today on the statistics of cancer and some of it is down to bad luck!

But are they really telling you everything here, I suspect not! Read why it isn’t down to bad luck.



Is ANXIETY THE CAUSE OF CANCER? Here is my own personal reason for highlighting my blog to you about cancer as I have had many family and friends die of this condition.

I have been in practice with hypnotherapy since 2004 and within that time I have found one of the real reasons why people get cancer and it isn’t down to bad luck or poor lifestyle choices.

I am not going to go into the technical side of what cancer is, but to tell you that it is treatable and has been for a long time.

So what is the best prevention to helping yourself?

The main cause to getting cancer is the bad emotional stress that you live day in and day out. You become used to the bad emotions that you don’t notice it anymore. However your body does and this negative emotion of fear, anger, hate, sadness, being anxious, worried and so on has to live somewhere in your body. If the bad emotions are not dealt with, they can and do turn cancerous.

What to do?

You really need to see an Anxiety therapist like myself who can help you become relaxed and get rid of the negative emotions of Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Anxiousness, Depression and many others.

Prevention is preferred to the cure.

Prevention is preferred to the cure, as if you have to be cured that means that you have the cancer and as you know, like me we know many people who are dying. But the reality is that lots of people generally die from the treatment as opposed to the cancer itself.Cancer Medication

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Life will give you as much bad emotional anxiety, fear, stress and anger that you are prepared to put up with. So isn’t it time to get help and start to feel better and feel in control, relaxed and confident?

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The statement of this blog is down to my own personal opinion and years of experience in the field of clinical hypnotherapy and not medically proven.