Turn your thoughts around with The Nexus Team

It’s all in the blood!

Anxiety that you go through on a daily basis can really make you tired mainly because of the constant high adrenalin hormone surging around your blood stream. If this stays high for too long you can do some serious damage to your body. It begins to have an effect on your kidneys, liver and thyroid to say the least. This will affect your immunity and ill health seems to be a part of everyday existence. The reason for the adrenalin is to give you strength so if you have to fight you won’t feel much pain or you can easily scale a 7ft wall with ease. However you don’t act the same when it has worn off.

We get used to the drip, drip, drip effect of the adrenalin until you can’t feel it and of course you never act on the drip effects of the adrenalin. But it is damaging your body and may take many years and all because the thoughts that you have create this, and this is why I say it’s all in your head as this is how it starts!

My tip would be practice patience every moment you can whether in a traffic jam or you’re starting to feel angry, or you’re thinking in the future of a bad event that might occur, then you need to stop that by thinking of what good thing may come of that situation.

Under new management.

Hopefully you can see how it is important that you manage your stress levels by you becoming in control of your thoughts. When you recognize your stress level, instead of reacting as you have done in the past for many years. Recognize how and what you would normally have done. Now stop any further action by acting on keeping calm. It may feel strange to begin with but your brain has to make new calmer connections so that in the future you will naturally stay much calmer.

Your mind needs to have a good manager or captain at the helm so to speak. Just like car headlights only light up a small portion of the road in front of you, that is all you have to do with your thoughts.
The mind has a tendency to wonder if not kept in check, particularly if you have always worried. If you want change then you have to do things that you have never done before in order to get what you have never had. Who would do the same negative thinking and expect a positive result, that’s crazy!

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In summing up

Be mindful of your thoughts, no matter how bad things have been in the past, you know that you have always survived them and you will continue to survive and in essence thrive when you have the right mindset. True potential lies with your thoughts and even if you cannot do all that is required with good positive thinking, it will come eventually. Think of it like this, if you go to a gym you don’t expect to get fit or have muscles on the first day, or learn to play an instrument , you cannot master that either in one session. This is the same with positive thinking, don’t just try it for a few days and then say it isn’t working. Do your positive thinking everyday no matter how trying things become. Eventually you will be the master of your own domain and you will feel joyful and positive when you want to. Life has a plan and you won’t beat it so just enjoy the ride it gives you… Remember to contact me by letting me know how you’re coping, much better than before?