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Nexus Hypnotherapy Helping You With Depression Walsall.

Depressed. Sliding Scale of Depression. Feeling depressed can just be the start of how bad things can get for you if you continue on the slippery slope of depression. To begin with, you just feel down, but it doesn’t stop there as this is a sliding scale and in a few days time, if you […]

New Years Diet Resolutions 2019

Overeaten? Overeaten and feeling bloated? fat and uncomfortable?  The New Year will soon be here and you are going to make your New Year Resolutions, being healthy, going on a diet, going to the gym, eating less, eating healthily and cutting down your drinking… Well, that’s not going to really happen, is it? How many […]

The Sliding Scale Of Anxiety.

The Sliding Scale of Anxiety. Anxiety affects us all in varying degrees from mild forms to severe attacks and it is relentless as it can come on at any time no matter where you are or what you are doing. This can lead to Panic Attacks and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) Most often this can […]

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Nexus Hypnotherapy Helping You. Nexus hypnotherapy can help you get rid of any old unwanted emotional problems. This can be achieved by introducing many different techniques as well as using hypnosis. Many of my previous client’s are better in one session. This is down to how I use all the combinations I have learned, particularly […]


Your Addictive Behaviours.

What Is An Addiction? We pretty much know when addiction is mentioned that we are talking about hard drugs and alcohol, on a lesser note about pornography or smoking. So is an addiction just a way of repetition, as we are brought up on repetition. In other words to constantly do the same things over […]


Anger & Maybe The Reasons Why.

Getting Angry. Getting angry is an emotional feeling that we all experience at some point in our lives, let’s face it, even a baby will show angry in the early days of life. So I guess that anger is hard-wired into us from the beginning. That said, what is its purpose? Is it a form […]


How Fearful Are You?

How Fearful Are You? People have constant fears that run in the background of their minds. Fears have to be there in order to help and not to be seen as a negative. Fears can protect or make us take avoidance actions. Fear creates longevity by stopping us doing dangerous things. This protocol seems to […]

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How Confident Are You?

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence & More Confidence…   How Confident Are You? Confidence has to be one of those emotions that we find hard to have or at least hold onto when others try to knock our confidence. See how parents take your confidence away as they tell you how cocky you are in your puberty years, they […]

7 Tips Helping Depression.

Are You Really Depressed? Are you really depressed and if so how do you know? Depression is set on a sliding scale, from first feeling a bit down or melancholy then all the way up to suicide. Suicide is the most extreme which is definitely not healthy. But of course how bad do you have […]