We Have Free Will.

We have free choice or what you may call free will in life, however, we are not free from the consequences of the choice that we make.
So why does this happen? Basically, it is our choice of desire, when we desire, as free will, we can desire anything, but that desire brings unforeseen problems, this leads to Anxiety, Depression, Guilt to name a few.

A Desire of Consequences

A desire to eat food, but not just any food, but food you know is off limits until you lose your weight. Your desire becomes overwhelming and you tuck into that big piece of chocolate cake. At this point, you had free will whether to eat it or not. But now the decision is made, you are now without free will of choice, which means you’re left with the consequences. These consequences of your desire are now out of your control and you are left with a heap of emotions, such as Guilt, Disappointment, Low self-esteem, and Discouragement. This leaves you feeling worthless or disgusted with your actions and so you beat yourself up by saying why did I do that. Why didn’t I just say no!

Do You Need To Feed Your Ego?

But this can happen on any level of your desires, such as wanting a house, car and clothes as there is a sliding scale of consequences. The big problem is that it is not so much that there are consequences, but rather that we never think about them at the time of us wanting to just feed the EGO. Now you should realise that you will never satisfy your ego, which means it continually leads you down dead-end paths that lead to nowhere. But you never learn, philosophy says that you will keep on being given the same problem over and over again until you learn from it. …This is true!

7 Tips to help you.

# 1 You cannot stop your ego, but you can separate from it by not feeding your ego. e.g You may say how you donate to charity or buy food for the animals and so you are saying ‘what a great person you are’ this is ego. You cannot feed an animal, you can only offer it food as only the animal can feed itself, this is non-ego as it is a separation from ego.

# 2 You cannot stop desires because wanting to stop a desire is in itself a desire. But rather look at the consequences firstly. If you can cope with what could go wrong with your desire, then you are less likely to get upset or angry later when things go wrong.

# 3 Ask yourself before you are parted with your hard earned money, With what I want to buy, will it enhance or enrich my life. Wait for a moment or walk away and return later to see if it is still the same desire for you. It’s your free will on what you want to do.

# 4 Ask yourself if you can manage the consequences of your actions of desire. e.g say you are travelling by air and everything is booked and paid for. You expect that you will have a trouble-free journey and why not, this is not about thinking of negativity. So your flight is delayed, this has an emotional response via your ego and so you feel frustrated, angry and anxious. But it is no surprise that these things happen and if you had put this into your plans, you would have been less stressed etc. You are taking metal insurance out on yourself.

# 5 Realise that things are just meant to happen to you, this is not personal, it’s just life. The people who at a time of little transport felt when they missed the inaugural sailing of the Titanic and their ego was getting so angry, stressed and anxious. But a few days later, they felt their relief because of what happened.

# 6 This is simple but some find it hard to follow, this is just to go with the flow of life. You are not a salmon fighting your way back upstream to spawn. Go with the flow of life as a cloud in the sky goes with the flow of the breeze. Imagine all the clouds fighting the wind, what a mess!

# 7 Stop recycling old thoughts and patterns of negative behaviours. The only reason you have a problem today is that you are recycling yesterday’s rubbish. Tomorrow is a brand new day of unlimited possibilities, so go and have fun.

Can I Help?

If you feel that you may require professional intervention from a qualified hypnotherapist, then please feel free to contact me.