How the hell did I end up being Anxious?

Anxiety is something that we have all had and suffered to one degree or another throughout our life, whether this is related to school, work, the environment that we live in or by not having enough money and so on!


The definitions of Anxiety…

Worry, Fear, Uneasiness, Overreaction, Sweating, Shaking, Rapid breathing, Accelerated heartbeat, Impending doom, Irrational thinking, Feeling of dread, unusual quietness, Panic attacks, Feeling sick. As emotional human beings we can experience a wide range of feelings and so we are not necessarily tied down by one set of feelings when becoming anxious. However on saying this, people do have their own default setting when it comes to being anxious.

In order to change from this negative state you need to know what triggers your default setting when it comes to being anxious. What’s yours?


Stop supporting your Anxiety today!

You may be so used to the negative feeling of being anxious that you just get on with your life and take avoidance wherever you can. This may have worked for you in the past i.e. avoiding public speaking, take a flight or going to the dentist and so on.

Life has a way of catching up with you until you grow and move on, imaging you have avoided making that speech until it’s your daughter’s wedding and now you have to do it. Or the new love in your life wants to go abroad and you have to tell them that you can’t go. The years of avoiding the dentist and your teeth become so bad that you have to go in the end, you might as well have gone in the beginning. And so it goes…


Getting rid of your Anxiety.

Hopefully as you become an avid reader of my blogs concerning anxiety, with its associated problems that you gain some benefit at some point. I look forward to keeping you posted on my development that may give you the answer on how to get rid of your anxiousness once and for all.

If at this moment your anxiety is disrupting your life and you want help to get back in control, and then please feel free to contact me The Nexus Team at Anxiety Hypnosis.