Kids get stressed too you know…

Anxiety hypnosis helping anxious children. two young girls laughing behind another girls back.

Anxiety hypnosis helping anxious children.

Where does all the stress we have come from and more in particular the stress in children. Children have a real hard time, think about it, I mean they have to fit in with their peers and so much has to be right. From the colour of their hair to brand named clothes if it’s a non uniform school. Also their smell, spots, wearing glasses, overweight or too skinny and the area they come from and how they fit into the cliques at school. Also how well they do in sports and games, which they support and the video games and programmes they watch. And at puberty you have the hormones and sexual orientation. More so now than ever before as there is social media from Facebook and twitter the whole event of school is relentless on them, teachers to performance of homework and exams.

No wonder kids are as good as they are, because they now have to deal with grumpy parents to even beatings or sexual abuse. Or belonging to one parent families, or a parent who has multiple partners.

But some of this can be avoided if we only spoke to children in a positive way and this in turn would make you feel better and because of the positive talking you then feel more positive in yourself.

How not to talk to kids.

Here’s an example of how parents, grandparents etc talk to kids. “don’t fall, be careful you’ll slip, you’ll hurt yourself, don’t run you’ll fall and hurt yourself, eat all your food, don’t be wasteful, you should know better, don’t spill it, you’ve made a mess now, I’m going to smack you, I’m watching you, you could do better, shut-up, keep still, don’t move, you’re a naughty child, people won’t like you. as well as the swearing and shouting involved. You may know of others, but this is just a quick example and depending on the person saying these whether teachers, parents, and other family members, the tonality can be destructive if said in a harsh negative tone of voice.

Xbox doesn’t have a problem!

Here are some tips on how to inspire and help your child in positive language and they are really simple: Tonality of your voice is key, and keep it light, by that I mean if you call a dog towards you in a harsh manner, …get here NOW! The dog is reluctant to come to you, but if you keep a higher tone as if you’re calling a dog to have some food from you, you know your tone is different. This has to be the same with kids. Say when they are running , tell them that they are doing really well and pick you your legs as you run, … Well done I knew you could do it! Or when they have a glass full of juice, …you’re the best at keeping all that juice in the glass. Also say well done to them. Tell them that you know they know loads more about something than you do, and get them to show you. If a child fidgets, have ago at getting them to dance. You may well say to me that they won’t keep still, but I guess the xbox doesn’t have a problem in getting their attention. Above everything, interact with your child, go out and play and be a big kid yourself. So stay positive and good luck and remember your kid is having just as hard time as you are, and they don’t always have the adult mind to express themselves with the proper language skill that the grownups have.

Is insomnia sending you MAD?


Anxiety Hypnosis by The Nexus Team helping Insomniacs

Matchsticks keeping your eyes open today?

People suffering from lack of sleep can and does have a major effect on that person’s wellbeing and health. Any form of not going to sleep at the right time will continue to have a negative spiraling effect.

If you have insomnia then you don’t need me to tell you what you’re going through. As you know this can be down to an over active anxious mind that finds it hard to switch off. Or a mind that is always searching for something in your life. It has been done for many years and the mind finds it easy to think in a negative way.

Dead at the wheel.

Think like this for a moment ,the part of the mind and body will go to sleep and it is a very selfish part of you that has no control over stopping it. If your mind wants to sleep it will and it doesn’t matter or care what you are doing. How many people drop off to sleep at the wheel while driving, there are many signs on the motorways to tell drivers to pull over and take a break.

Trick of the light…

Generally people watch TV or get onto their computer whilst in bed and this is the wrong thing to do if you’re an insomniac. There is a blue light on a computer screen and this light is similar to a morning blue light as we see in the real world. If you’re staring at your computer when you have to sleep, then your brain is being tricked in thinking that its morning. You know it’s time to sleep and of course it’s dark out, however the brain says its morning and this releases chemicals to the body to be active by staying awake.

Sleeping tips.

1) Avoid watching TV and looking at computers, mobiles at least 2 hours or more before bedtime.
2) Avoid any sleep in the day no matter how quick that nap is.
3) Create by preparing to a deep slumber of sleep with clean fresh bedding.
4) Take a warm bath with essential oils such as lavender.
5) Create a bedroom that only is set up for relaxing sleep and is a tranquil space.
6) Make sure your mind is settled and don’t go to bed worrying as this doesn’t achieve anything.
7) 400 and start to count down very slowly and see the numbers disappear before you say the next one in your head.
8) While relaxing you can imagine saying to each body part to go to sleep, (night-night feet and go to sleep and do this thought is a soft and gentle way that is like a gentle lullaby and with any luck before you get much further you’ll be well on your way to the land of nod…
9) Try not to toss and turn and to keep still, the more still you are will induce a sleep habit, keep still for at least 15 mins and resist the urge to move and as that passes you’ll be well on your way to sleep.
10) Last but not least, check that if you’re on medication this is not interfering with your sleep. Also be mindful of what you have eaten or the lateness you eat, notice if types of food or drink have a negative effect on your sleeping.

You can of course download my free E-Guide on how to Axe-Anxiety by The Nexus Team or if you would like an in-depth complimentary consultation then please get in-touch I will answer any questions you have.Fighting Anxiety with The Nexus Team Hypnotherapy and NLP

Turn your thoughts around with The Nexus Team

It’s all in the blood!

Anxiety that you go through on a daily basis can really make you tired mainly because of the constant high adrenalin hormone surging around your blood stream. If this stays high for too long you can do some serious damage to your body. It begins to have an effect on your kidneys, liver and thyroid to say the least. This will affect your immunity and ill health seems to be a part of everyday existence. The reason for the adrenalin is to give you strength so if you have to fight you won’t feel much pain or you can easily scale a 7ft wall with ease. However you don’t act the same when it has worn off.

We get used to the drip, drip, drip effect of the adrenalin until you can’t feel it and of course you never act on the drip effects of the adrenalin. But it is damaging your body and may take many years and all because the thoughts that you have create this, and this is why I say it’s all in your head as this is how it starts!

My tip would be practice patience every moment you can whether in a traffic jam or you’re starting to feel angry, or you’re thinking in the future of a bad event that might occur, then you need to stop that by thinking of what good thing may come of that situation.

Under new management.

Hopefully you can see how it is important that you manage your stress levels by you becoming in control of your thoughts. When you recognize your stress level, instead of reacting as you have done in the past for many years. Recognize how and what you would normally have done. Now stop any further action by acting on keeping calm. It may feel strange to begin with but your brain has to make new calmer connections so that in the future you will naturally stay much calmer.

Your mind needs to have a good manager or captain at the helm so to speak. Just like car headlights only light up a small portion of the road in front of you, that is all you have to do with your thoughts.
The mind has a tendency to wonder if not kept in check, particularly if you have always worried. If you want change then you have to do things that you have never done before in order to get what you have never had. Who would do the same negative thinking and expect a positive result, that’s crazy!

So at Anxiety Hypnosis we strive to offer the best way forward for you to beat anxiety, worry, stress, fear, depression and so on, you can even download our free E-guide on tip to help beat anxiety. So don’t feel alone, knowing help is here.

In summing up

Be mindful of your thoughts, no matter how bad things have been in the past, you know that you have always survived them and you will continue to survive and in essence thrive when you have the right mindset. True potential lies with your thoughts and even if you cannot do all that is required with good positive thinking, it will come eventually. Think of it like this, if you go to a gym you don’t expect to get fit or have muscles on the first day, or learn to play an instrument , you cannot master that either in one session. This is the same with positive thinking, don’t just try it for a few days and then say it isn’t working. Do your positive thinking everyday no matter how trying things become. Eventually you will be the master of your own domain and you will feel joyful and positive when you want to. Life has a plan and you won’t beat it so just enjoy the ride it gives you… Remember to contact me by letting me know how you’re coping, much better than before?



Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety Symptom

Anxiety is the Symptom
Anxiousness is the end result, i.e. the symptom; however people tend to think it is the cause of the problem. Being anxious just doesn’t come on for any reason at all, just like a plane just never falls out of the sky; there are always a series of events to make it happen.

Get Cured…
You may have anxiety with issues you face now, but take a look back over your life and notice how you would have anxious feelings towards other problems, such as learning to drive or freighted to take to people, but now you don’t get those anxious feeling because you somehow cured yourself.

Use Your Own Tips…
Think with how you got over any previous anxiety problems and they may have become less of a real worry to you now and you may even feel daft for getting so anxious in the first place. If you managed to get over those times then you can think of what method you used in the past to conquer your anxiety and try using that again by implementing those tips for yourself.

Try My Free Tips E-guide For Free
If you feel you’re studding on find a way to help yourself, then why not try my free download of 7 tips to Axe Anxiety. You my fine one or more in there that will help you in anxious moments in the future. It easy to do and free.

Anxiety is a primitive emotion that is there to protect us in times of dire straits in our distant past. You can only imagine how as hunter gatherers we were more connected to our natural environment and with the wild animals that could easily kill us whether large or small. Even today living in our relative sterile world we still see people who freak out at the close buzzing of a wasp or a house spider on the living room wall or the proverbial person who jumps on a stool in order to avoid a mouse. Although this is a quick overview, you can see why the anxiety is or was necessary in the past as we had to rely solely on our emotions, and that cannot be a bad thing, …can it?

Eaten alive…

In pre history you can imagine going on a hunt and your anxiousness would serve to protect you in case you’re eaten alive. In today’s world we don’t have the same environment. Image nipping down to the local shops, we really don’t have to be concerned about a lion going to eat us. But we don’t have the same emotions as a primitive pre historic man. However we still have the emotions and we have forgotten why.

It’s like an over protecting parent…

The next time you go out remember that your anxiety is there to protect you. Unfortunately its gotten a little over protected and will place the anxious feeling on to anything in the modern world. If you can imagine it, then you can have an anxiety attack over that thought, even before it’s become a real event!

Anxiety is something that we have all had and suffered to one degree or another throughout our life, whether this is related to school, work, the environment that we live in or by not having enough money and so on!


The definitions of Anxiety…

Worry, Fear, Uneasiness, Overreaction, Sweating, Shaking, Rapid breathing, Accelerated heartbeat, Impending doom, Irrational thinking, Feeling of dread, unusual quietness, Panic attacks, Feeling sick. As emotional human beings we can experience a wide range of feelings and so we are not necessarily tied down by one set of feelings when becoming anxious. However on saying this, people do have their own default setting when it comes to being anxious.

In order to change from this negative state you need to know what triggers your default setting when it comes to being anxious. What’s yours?


Stop supporting your Anxiety today!

You may be so used to the negative feeling of being anxious that you just get on with your life and take avoidance wherever you can. This may have worked for you in the past i.e. avoiding public speaking, take a flight or going to the dentist and so on.

Life has a way of catching up with you until you grow and move on, imaging you have avoided making that speech until it’s your daughter’s wedding and now you have to do it. Or the new love in your life wants to go abroad and you have to tell them that you can’t go. The years of avoiding the dentist and your teeth become so bad that you have to go in the end, you might as well have gone in the beginning. And so it goes…


Getting rid of your Anxiety.

Hopefully as you become an avid reader of my blogs concerning anxiety, with its associated problems that you gain some benefit at some point. I look forward to keeping you posted on my development that may give you the answer on how to get rid of your anxiousness once and for all.

If at this moment your anxiety is disrupting your life and you want help to get back in control, and then please feel free to contact me The Nexus Team at Anxiety Hypnosis.